As for me I have never remembered a time I hated assignments, what about ? What is your take on this picture?


Eating of fried food on paper leads to low IQ in children.

​Are you in the habit of eating suya, akara (bean cake) and other fried and roasted foods wrapped in printed paper? Experts have warned that such foods are inimical to health because chemicals in the printed paper include lead, a toxic substance that has been linked to the development of low IQ and a host of other dangerous diseases.

Dr Ishiaq Omostosho, a specialist advisor to University College Hospital, Ibadan on toxicology, stated that lead often leaches into food items, especially the fried ones, when it is used as a food wrapper.
He therefore advised that if we are to consume fried food, they should be better served on plates. He is said that is far better than paper serving.

A word they say is enough for the wise.

Fridays Fact

Down to today, this kind of picture have never graced our blogspot on a Friday. Our Fridays have always been for fun and cool facts which in most cases are scientific in nature. But I stumbled on this one and I can’t just wait till a Monday or a Wednesday to post this because this is an example of pictures that do grace our site on those days.

Where is even the picture? Wait lemme upload it. Ehn ehn, here it is:

This is a statement of fact! Gbam!! I think there is no argument about that. Hmmmn, watch out on Monday as we will try and discuss this picture. Thanks.