Getting your Mojo back!!!

Sometimes you get a little rusty, a little tired, a little down in spirit, a little busy and probably a little low on motivation. At those times, you might feel like giving up! Have you ever been there? Yes i have been there. Infact i am just coming from there.

The big question is that: when you encounter such difficulties, what should you do ? Should you bulge and run? Should you quit? No you should not! Quitters don’t win and winners also do not quit. Quitting should be far from your mind.

Instead focus all your time and resources on resting. Yes rest! While on a sabatical, take your time to think on how you can get your mojo back. Reason on any other detour you can take. Do not just change the destination.

Getting your mojo back might take some time. Dont be in a hurry. Take your time. In time, you will get it back. I have gotten my mojo back. Now we are very much available to give you the best content on education and motivation.