Base on Love for Education. 

I am personally not a fan of reality TV shows but I know a couple of them by name, Gulder Ultimate Search, Nigeria Idol, Big Brother Niger e.t.c. Please is there a show known as Nigeria Got Talents? Forgive my ignorance, I am just not into all these shows. 

I did not really know that Big Brother Niger was ongoing not until last weekend when I started to hear pararazi stories about it’s grand finale. Then it ended and a participant known as Efe won based on logistics. The reward? 25 million Naira and a SUV car.  Quite a juicy reward! I don’t know the rewards of other entertainment shows but I do know that they are all heavy ones. These rewards serve to glorify and gratify entertainment. Good ones for the investors in these show. Nice one. 
But the Sad thing is that partakers in Competitions related to educational and academic performances do not enjoy this kind of rewards. All we hear is in the thousands range. Is it that education is not important as entertainment? Or is that it is  easier to succeed in education than it is in entertainment ? Could it be that investors do not gain as much in education as they do in entertainment? All these questions beg answers and I will be glad to hear them. 
Regardless of the answers to those questions, I am of the opinion that performers in the academic world deserve good rewards too. The famous Ben Carson feel these way too. It was part of his book ” Think Big “. Let us glorify education too!  Let us gratify it too!