Is Secular Education all there is and matters ? Part 2

​Chilling out during the break of the second day of the ” Remain Loyal to Jehovah ” regional conventions, it just passed my mind that I have a second part of an article to write. Trust me, I am enjoying this avenue of spiritual edification. No wonder I do see pictures of brothers and sisters smiling after they had just concluded their conventions. Glad I could share this feeling.

Now to the article proper. Last week I dwelt on how important the spiritual education is and how we can acquire it. This week I am going to be narrowing on a few benefits of it.

Benefit #1. John 17 : 3…A good knowledge of Jehovah and Jesus means everlasting life

Benefit #2. John 3: 16… A sound knowledge of God  means salvation from sin and death

Benefit #3. Matthew 22 : 39… The spiritual education teaches one to love one’s neighbour. Of course, if one shows love to his neighbours , it leads to peaceful and happy relationships

Benefit #4 : The golden rule , a renowned rule in the bible encourages us to do to other exactly what you will want them to do to you…You will no doubt agree with me that the world will be a better place if all live this principle in mind

These are just a few of the numerous benefits of spiritual education.

Yes come day 3 of the remain loyal to Jehovah district convention.


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